My Gaze is Fixed on You

I’m sorry if this is reposted; I couldn’t find it anywhere.

Some like to gaze at stars;
I stare instead at you.
Compared to how you glow,
They sparkle like the moon.

You light my inner darkness;
Your power shines so bright.
You hold the whole night sky
On shoulders blazing tight.

You raise each crimson sun
With arms of strength and trust.
On you I place my faith
You’ll break the dawn from dusk.

You flood me with fresh oxygen,
Exhale my every breath.
My molecules are vivified;
You love me Life from Death.

I’m fully formed when we embrace.
Your beauty’s growing on my face;
All imperfection is erased.

Some choose to gaze at stars at night,
But I’m transfixed by You.

(Thanks to @danie_franco for the photo)

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