To No One in Particular

Dear Person in Charge of Anything, Everything, Somethings, and All Things:

I NOW constantly, but I accomplish Nothing. First I THEN’d, then I THERE’d, only to get stuck HERE before I’ve gone ANYwhere.

It’s hell on my personal life, worsened by the ooze of the one who crept into the Nothing behind Me.

Guess who He is?
Absolutely Nobody!
Nobody’s Alongside Anyone BUT Me. Which leads me down the path to…

The Past, when I had Someone Beside Me. Of course, He left Me for Somebody Else, but I Never really enjoyed his company much Anyway.

Besides, Anyone could tell I didn’t love him Anymore (if I Ever l did In the First Place).

Not to mention: I Always prefer No One’s company to his. So it’s On-words and Up-words for All of Us from Here On Out.

Forever and Evermore Yours,
No One You Know Not

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