What I received today in addition to asking me to write a poem; I just didn’t know I’d be asked for my FINANCIAL INFO to be paid! I never ASKED TO BE PAID! Do I have a bullseye on my back I can’t see? If so, WHY the hell WHY?


She may be just a little girl,
But I’m told she’s a growing whirl
Of Brightly-Colored Energy,
Glowing there for All to See;
She’ll always make Her Mama proud,
This I know without a doubt.

Her favorite show is “PJ Masks,”
But she’s also quite the rabid fan
When it comes to Spider-Man,
Sharpening her Spidey-Sense
To be the Most Magical Girl;
Watch her as she spins and twirls

With love for Friends and Family,
Her closest friend is Emily.
The sweetest treats she loves to bake
Like chocolate and all types of cakes.

She has a dog, his name is Chuck,
I imagine that she loves him much!
Here’s the biggest scoop of all:
She even likes to play football!

June Fifteen is the Date
We can all anticipate
For on that date,
Precious Kate
Will Turn Eight!

Happy Birthday in advance
To the Fairest in the Land❣️

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