Poetic Creativity Exercise: QUESTIONS

<<This is a series of 3 posts, identifiable by the image atop. I gave myself a challenge while standing in the kitchen today, waiting for my dog to go potty outside (he’s sneaky, so I had a full 90 minutes)>>

Challenge: Create as many poems in 90 minutes I’d be willing to share
Topic: Questions
Results: 2 regular – not epic – poems and 4 micropoems. This is Long #1, Long 2 is on the way and Micropoems have been delivered! All are united by the same image.

In seeking truth, we ponder
Questions held; “Why,” I wonder?
Mysteries remain concealed
Staying Dark, they will not yield
The treasure they’ve conspired to hide,
So close your eyes or hold inside
These relentless remonstrations,
Queries and interrogations.
Why not seek them for yourself?
You claim without them “Life is Hell.”
So search for Truth and hunt It down
Look high and low; It WILL be found!

I plan to discuss this exercise in my Video of the Week!!

(Photo courtesy of @l.aup)

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