So you’re not local. Perhaps I need to vet that buzzing beehive of 2,000 a little better?

Maybe all my “Likes” are, as you say,
Merely “Swiping Smiles” while in town visiting their Hopes for the Future?

I don’t know what other poets do on Tuesdays, I only know THIS one had oral surgery yesterday – with the full sedation package – then found herself writing poems until 4:30am today,
Only to be rudely awoken by the Barking Dog
Lying next to her,
ONLY 2 fast hours later,
WHOM She owns.

So she let him out,
Crankily Complaining all the while,
Then set about to do what all OTHER Poets do:
She wrote a poem about it,
Burnt, and Offered it to YOU.

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