Proof Of Niceness & High Bars

Lately, I’ve felt the need to remind myself “I’m Still a Nice Person,” by counting the ways:

•In REAL time, as I REALize them.
•Lucky for You!!
•Close your eyes and pretend You’re reading one of The Bard’s sonnets.
•The Latest Example?
•THIS person so desperately wants to spare her close-proximity neighbors of her Own Filthy Noise SO OBSESSIVELY,
•She uses peanut-sized earbuds to listen to ALL TV, Music, and Other Noise-Generating Activities
•In her OWN apartment
•Falling asleep with at least ONE earbud in at least ONE ear
•Every single night,
•A “consideration” resulting in
•Two trips to an Ear-Nose-Throat Doctor TWICE in 3 months
•To scalpel-excavate the wisps of rubber covering the earbud’s nano-speaker
•Dislodged deep within her Ear Canal, causing
•Infection, Tinnitus, Pressure, AND Hearing Loss, necessitating
•Professionally-administered Torture for 5-10 excruciatingly long minutes,
•A procedure both expensive and painful
•As well as so embarrassing,
•The ENT benefitting from her foolishness has Remarked on Said Foolishness
•At each and every revisit, though
•She doesn’t listen,
•Refusing to abandon her “Noise-Canceling” activities.

If this isn’t Proof of Niceness, WHAT IS??!!
And WHO set YOUR Bar so high?

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