Regarding Scammers: WHERE? 🌶 not ♨️

Protect Yourself; Beware of Theft!

Online HERE, THERE, and
Every Single Other Where!
Though I play dumb,
I’m not a fool,
So here’s a clue or even two:

Don’t waste your time,
My fonts are Dry;
Though if wet,
You wouldn’t get
A nano-dime from me.
It’s your choice to rejoice and
Exercise in Futility

When I’M selected to Expose
Scarcely Mini-Assets So
I can then be Thoroughly Screwed,
(Instead of Sexually Screwed,
Which I’d prefer to do). SO:
Your Scamming doesn’t pay for Me,

And should I hold a single pence,
The only consequence of sense
Is Hide my Nano-cents from You
And screw you back;
It’s ‼️‼️OVERDUE‼️‼️

(Thanks for the use of the photo, @m23 )

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