SO INCULPATORY (and Histrionic)

[Or so she says]
[Hey, a Warm “ShroomFest” sounds fun!]
[I’m still getting all these #snarky thoughts!]


I said those things as Allegories.
Perhaps they were Inflammatory and Derogatory,
And even perCHANCE Defamatory?

But I serve as Official Depository
For YOUR words so Condemnatory.
It’s true I HEARD them as “Accusatory”.

From my Highly Hallucinogenically
SELF-Aware Perspective:

I find MYSELF Inculpatory
For Hiding Lies Exculpatory;
Fake-Acting, Yes, but Not Recriminatory.

So I am Seeking Damages
In Every Shape-Type-Variety.
My favorite Type’s Compensatory.

But that’s a WHOLE ‘Nother Story!
I Chose the Title for MYSELF:

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