Stuck in Isolation

My Life could Never:
Hold under examination,
Pass close inspection,
Inspire to Inspiration,
Live by expectations,
Wait for conformation,
Stay cool in situations,
Honor your great nation,
Obtain Authorization,
Pray to divination, or
Hide my mutilations.

No, because:
That Train has left the station.
It was Efficient transportation-
It changed my location!
And Tailored Alterations
On Multiple Occasions
In a Single Variation.

I Defy Domestication,
[[‼️Much Traumatization‼️ and
Profuse Exsanguination]]

Yet I:
Received no abdication or
Objective Termination.

Now I’m stuck in Isolation;
It’s Self-imposed Incarceration,
But spared of constant Consternation,
I don’t give a Defecation

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