Here’s my post for Mother’s Day; too broke up to share it, anyway.

I apologized to someone on YouTube tonight. I think it speaks to my emotional fragility that I would apologize to ANYONE, much less a bot on YouTube.

But I don’t want to live in a world dominated by bots, cyber-bullies, and digital lovers.

I apologized because I realized there’s an Actual Person behind Everything.

We’re all made of skin and vibe bone, but we’ve all chosen different paths leading to Different Boulevards of Death.

Like Jimmy Croce says “We came to the world in the usual way.”

But who on earth in the 1970s thought there would be SO MANY ways to COME INTO Pluto in 2075?

We can thank the Collective Motherhood for storing embryos of quaint antiquities such as “music” and “television shows” in the Great Media and Creativity Shutdown of ‘33. If the Motherhood hadn’t been so forward-thinking for their Time-Space-Galaxation Continuum, what clever little ditties would your gametes harmonize with when consuming Karaoke on Direct Insert?

Ask yourself again when you’re overly stressed out about the Phosphide Situation or the Elevation of Hunger Vibes on Astrella.

And Consider The Motherhood on Mother’s Day.

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