Sigh, I like blatant innuendo.


My engine flooded me with dirty thoughts;
It wasted all my gas.
Out & Empty, I now need
Gas from a Different station
To fill my tank again
Full enough to ride and spin.

Hit them up – they’re surfacing! –
Bubbling up from Dirt within
As all commence to witnessing
Emerging dirty thoughts
Jump-start to life;
Re-beginning once Again.

Best shield clean eyes
From filthy words
Bent and shaped
To stimulate
Your softest side,
Then hold you down
And draw you in
Until you TOO are full of
Dirt incurred In sin’s commission.

Smutty thoughts we gladly made
Both In Deed and Imagination.

Keep in mind I shan’t refrain
Or withhold in ANY WAY;
I’ll coax and spill and blow away
ALL My Filthy Word Intentions.

[Not to mention Smutty Mentions,
Late night Interventions,
And Digital Insinuations].

WHO can stay pure in
This Virtual Convention
Of fellow Smut-Seeking
Licentious AND Delicious
Dictionary Definitions
OF “Dirty Intentions”?

I submit this query for
Ample, filthy, juicy
Group Sex Consideration.

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