The Gilded Cage

(Thanks @samule.sun for your photo)

The Gilded Cage

In my heart,
Where it all starts,
I’ll build a cage for you;
Bring you wine and food.
I’ll tend your every need,
Patch you when you bleed.

Trapped within my mind,
You won’t leave me behind.
I’ll write new dreams for us:
They will be glorious!
So much that we will do,
Adventures shared by two.

The endless games we’ll play
Ensure you’ll always stay
And won’t attempt escape.

Your prison’s gold and gilded-
I know because I built it-
With locks that can’t be breached.

My long and crushing reach
Will tether you to me
For all eternity.

Break out that winning smile:
You’ll be with me a while.

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