The Kind of Girl I Remember

So Snarky

With me, you have to strike while the iron is hot,
And my iron is hot for about 3 days.
I’m not a “ hit her up down the road” kind of girl.

If you miss the 3-day window,
Just 2 short days later,
Once I’ve lost any mental trace or shred of recollection of you,
You can start over.

4 thoughts on “The Kind of Girl I Remember

      1. Your abundant writings made me think I ought to write more. I’m a poet, and I’ve written some science fiction. Nothing’s been published yet; I think I have to get in the right mindset.

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      2. Nothing of mine has been published either! Nobody ever got rich writing poems! I just go to sleep writing them and wake up writing them because I ENJOY writing them! I will check out your writing, too❣️

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