I’d sympathize If I Could Hold
It Tightly In or Keep It closed.
My Worries, Wins, Woes & Foes
I feel it’s safe; I must disclose.

Of course I always feel exposed,
But it’s the Only Choice I Know.
It’s THIS or Numb Myself
Back Into My Safety Zone.

What’s wrong with me? I only know
Instead of Coping Verbally,
I Let Blood Pharmaceutically.
Down that path don’t want to go,

I need it every now and then;
It stanches when I’m hemorrhaging,
But I prefer to craft my Rhymes.
They get Me High and
Feel inside so once again

Golden Yarns are Spun from Tin.
My muse, she has returned to me –
Though I don’t know her Privately –
Now I write so Constantly

I Want ALL to behold and see
The vivid words I’ve spun to Read!

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