Thumbs Scream “Inspiration!”

Screens don’t scream to be repaired,
But brand new keyboards bring despair
As blind thumbs jump from Here to There.
I don’t know why I thought I’d share
For I’m convinced that NO ONE cares.
Vexed intentions spike and glare,
Unheard warnings all declared
As mentally I pull my hair!
The truth is that I want to Spare
You hurt; that’s ALL I will declare
As clouded looks depart your stare;
Though just Woke up, You’re Now Aware.

*Dedicated to Writers who Create on smartphones. I upgraded to a Grammarly keyboard and couldn’t use it because it caused my right thumb to seize and cramp within 60 seconds, so intimately familiar am I with iPhone’s version.

(Thanks for use of your photo, @marekpiwnicki)

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