True Crime All the Time❣️

We can talk about the
Virtues of True Crime
Another Time;
But if you like it delivered cleverly
And fairly poetically,
And if #youtoo are a fan of puns,
I’ve got a book review
For True Crime Viewers
Just like you!

“That Chapter” is THE chapter;
The Must-Compelling Read
Which compels you Must Watch!

P.S. I’M not so full of MYSELF as to think
I’M boosting HIS fame,
But neither am I casting shade
To verbally appreciate,
Both announce and proclaim,
To ALL that I like the way
That This ‘That Chapter’ guy
(He’s Irish and his name is Mike)
Scripts and narrates
His stories told and words said,
Which, while clever,
Still respect the dead
And honor victims
Tastefully and word-deliciously.
[There you go; it’s oversaid].

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