[Photo courtesy of The United States Geological Survey, and exhibit A in my argument].


If you have a moment to spare (ridiculous, I know), and you want to indulge someone you barely or hardly know:

Write down your entire, full legal name.
Then read it aloud.

What does it Tell the world about You?

When I look at mine, scoured of its former marital appellations and exactly as it was bestowed upon me on my Birth Day,
It not only Says – it Screams – the word WASP.

I haven’t heard this term in decades. I believe because it’s considered “pejorative” since it ‘relies’ on racial and ethnic stereotyping.

But look, I’m just being honest.
If Someone looks like a 🐝 and buzzes like a Bee…
Well what is She?

The stinger is: I wonder how many decisions are made ABOUT me which IMPACT me based on THE DECIDER’S assumptions about MY Name.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like getting stung like that.

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