I Stepped in Customer Disservice

I honestly sent this poem to the regional office today.


All this talk about my dog
Only serves to piss me off.
My apartment is the dumping ground
Where other dumps of dogs are found
Anywhere and Everywhere,
I know not why but it just scares
Me from Dirty-Stepping there.

Incensed Outrage I have felt
And also been repelled
By how This Company
Misrepresents Itself,
Making me pay

This is taking advantage,
And now you’re taking for granted
My residency, both finer and fine,
For I make Noise at

And even though Others’ Noise
Loudly sounds and high-annoys,
I don’t complain or refrain
From following these most stupid rules;
I step on shit to see them through.

Lastly, since invitations aren’t extended,
Just rescinded,
I rarely invite over company,
Though You STILL don’t
Respect my tenancy
Or my so-far loyalty.
I even wrote a good review for you,
Prematurely since ME’s
Now been screwed.

This happens when Occupancy
Serves as The Most Hallowed Thing
Which Feeds, Rules, and also Reigns
Your money-hungry Industry.

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