When You’ve Got a Hammer

When you’ve got a hammer,
All you see are nails:
Welcome to the way that
It feels to be fe-male’.
When you’ve got a hammer,
You’re looking for a hole;
You like to force the rage out
That percolates below.
And when you take your hammer,
You shatter someone’s glass.
It could have been my own date
Now grabbing at my ass!
We all can use our hammers
To put each other down;
You even ditched your woman
To play “Man About The Town”;
The one who stood beside you
When things in life got tough,
The one who always loved you
And thought you were enough.
She even liked your hammer
When it no longer worked,
So why’d you end up treating
Her like such a jerk?
Now here it’s ten years later
You’re acting quite the creep;
You think a beer will buy me
Dude, I don’t come that cheap.
The only way I’ll date you
Is Payment in Advance,
And with no invitation:

(These are the second set of lyrics I’ve written according to the beat of another song. Essentially, my tool for stimulating creativity. I envision the front part being spoken, and the rhyming part being sung to an up-tempo). #ShapeSong

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