Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire


I’ve been reduced by the tales of a Liar,
Consumed by the hunger of his fire
And confused by the fallout of deceit
Convincingly delivered to me.
Sadly, I was too naive to recognize
The telling and ultimate felling
Of lies from lips of a regular guy,
Blind to the guise in his lying eyes!

However, his ruthlesss mendacities
Made a huge fool out of me.
Next, they provoked shock and incredulous drool
In those who once chose to willingly
Still believe in me,
But they are too few and far between.
So while the false remnants remain
To stain, cause pain,
And indelibly accuse me,
My trusted ones refuse to hear me.

“No Thanks” for the credibility tanks, Skank!
How does it feel to be a killin’ villain?
You’re NOTHING special to No One,
But Zero’s Own Hero most especially
To Mine and ME.
You lost a precious commodity:
The rapport and trust we once
Shared intimately.

You’re a simple Traitor, Exacerbator, Abuser,
And an immovable Truth-Refuser,
So I now refuse to ever be true to You.

And one day, should I find Myself
Miraculously struck by luck
To find YOU daring to opine
On the varied shades of “Why,”
The answer is so easy to find
And sharing it is so easy for me,
Since I’ve found this recent
(from me, once and formerly-decent)
Spate of vociferous hate
Drowns my grief and ushers in
A too-brief relief:

YOU destroyed MY integrity
And insured MY demise
With YOUR pathologically twisted LIES!
You KNOW I despise lies,
So I’ll now cut ties
With the spiteful, undelightful guy
Who deals in lies
And steals peace of mind.

The cost of your lies was too high,
And all tolls I was made to pay
With previously-unacquainted hate.
So I’m now left to prognosticate
Any attempt to salvage is too late;
You’ve burned through the excusable time
To set things Right.

The only absolution and unresolved resolution
Is for YOU to turn tail and take flight
Out of what once was My Life,
Since you’ve infected and subjected
Undeserving ME to a constant spate
Of constant spite,
As well as ubiquitous, relentless hate,
Fears, tears, and internal strife
To the extent once-content but
NOW scared,
Scathed, and unspared ME
Is left to run for her life!

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