Somebody help me.
I’ve already felled me,
So no one can tell me
Words which will help me.

Yet still I grasp at the hope
Like a token broken spoke,
Wish my heart wasn’t broke,
Crushed by a nobody bloke.

I can’t find no peace,
Can’t find no relief,
Since he won’t release
Any peace to me,
Just this abject misery
Which envelops me.

If my heart would heal,
I just might feel
My former zeal
To laugh and squeal,
But I can’t deal,
Can’t squeak my spiel.

I’m so alone
And on my own,
Cut to the bone,
And too well-honed
To use the phone,
Call those I know.
And SO…
I’ve written tomes

To explain the pain
I can’t escape.
I can’t get away
From the indelible stain
Of too great a spate
Of too much humiliate,
Now turned to self-hate.

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