Crappy Not Happy

I Don’t know what’s wrong with me
Since I’m no longer happy,
Can’t delight in anything,
Though I used to enjoy many things.
I liked to go to karaoke and sing,
But now I can hardly leave,
Don’t want to talk to anybody,
Don’t have any money, honey.
I’m a giant blob with no job;
I simply run my gob.
I hope my dearth of happiness
And too much mental crappiness
Will soon turn to joyous sappiness
In the company of someone
I can adore and depend on.
Though I don’t expect it
I duly deserve it,
And I’ve fully earned it.
So I guess I’ll just turn it,
Spurn it, or burn it
Into boredom or whoredom
Or any “dom” that feels like
Freedom or Reliefdom.
I need to be relieved
So I can eventually believe
One day soon, hopefully,
I’ll finally be free
To be happy to be
Alone all day
With only me
And my own, lone company
Though that won’t ever be
Enough for me
Because I need love, you see.
I believe it’s something
We all need
To be happy.

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