I’ve become frenetic about cosmetics
And demolished by nail polish.
I could regale you with tales
Of how I’m no longer flush
Cause of what I’ve already paid
On foundation, shadow, and blush.
I have too much;
So much more than enough.

I’ll be painted until I’m tainted
By all the money wasted
While I sit home alone
Looking gorgeous to my own
Reflection which barely passes
My own harsh inspection.

I don’t know how to apply
All of the shadows and highlights
To achieve the “Smokey eye”
Of too much smoke on my eyes
From 2009, when
I last rocked and shined
This aging face of mine.

Now I spend every pence
Just to gaze at my face again,
Barely bearable mirrored back.
I want my former beauty back;
I’m tired of these financial attacks
For all of the beauty hacks!

Maybe I should just let
My face go slack
And not try to get
My former looks back?
What do others do when
They start to act and react
Hastily and Wastefully
On faces which won’t mend?

I’ll tell you: it’s the end
Of all shimmers and glimmers
Of youth, for it’s the truth:
I’m on to mattes, which have my back,
Don’t settle into creases which increase
The age upon my face,
Now defaced and disgraced,
With makeup always placed
Incorrectly on my face.

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