True Crime: Mother with Post-Partum Psychosis slays her 3 [beloved] children


I had 3 miscarriages with no live births,
And I didn’t think my loss could be worse.
But when you shared your story,
In all its gory glory,
Stoking and provoking sincere worry,
I felt a fraction of your pain and hurt.
I know it was very dark here on the earth,
But I’m oh-so glad the sun shone above,
Glowing your growing
Endless stores of Theo love.

It’s tragic that some moms don’t feel the magic
They’ve come to expect with a baby’s birth,
Feeling instead a dearth of self-worth
From hormones, no sleep, new stress, and real depression,
Along with the silence from guilty repression,
Eventually prolonging an agonized confession.
So thank you for your bravery
Of discussing the slavery
You felt with the confusion and
Deceiving, unrelieving delusions
You weren’t a good mom,
But that’s just plain wrong!
To display authentic vulnerability
Here on “national home TV”
Only serves to make YOU more
Of a hero for ME❣️

I pray you and other moms
Suffering with PPD or PPP
Also find a measure of peace;
I’m making this plea
Straight from my knees.
Thanks for taking the extra time
To mine your own insight,
In order to detail and describe
Your unexpected, barely detected
Plights, struggles, and frights
With other folks like me,
Treating the topic respectfully.

Your gestures of unsequestered truth
Played altruistically, kindly, and educationally,
Helping us help families
Haunted by PPP or PPD,
Both of which hit most terribly.
The moms’ constant struggling
Is so heart-tugging;
Twisted, hurting, bungling,
Yet sometimes unquestionably loving.

Sadly, some new Moms like you and other “shes,”
As well as sad and tormented Lindsay,
Can get stuck and not stanched
Deep within an avalanche
Where grief can’t be briefly released,
Leaving whole families desperate for peace.
It can get twisty and spins-y
For a young mom like Lindsay,
Newly bursting with hope and health,
Consumed instead by a horrific dread,
Then to get so bleak,
The only answer she could seek
Was to wish herself and her children dead.
I can’t even fathom
How much she was scared!

So regarding this topic,
I really do care,
And from ME to YOU,
I truthfully do
Appreciate your painful and heartfelt share.
With the tales of your bonding “fails,”
You’ve ensured what you endured
Will save plenty and enlighten many
To avoid your own despair and,
Eternally, hopefully, and medicinally,
Survive a similar nightmare:
Quite an affair with flair
If only ONE life is spared!

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