I won’t dispute the truth
I am indeed a Queen,
And a Queen I’ve always been.
But when it comes to dating,
I begin Internet-hating,
For I have a need
To see and to meet
My serious suitors personally,
And not do things digitally.
The why is because of the here:
Instagram is very weird!
There are so many:
Underage, ornery teens,
Indecent, exposing creeps,
And other equally questionable peeps,
All looking for the opportunity
To be in the High Shine
Of a smart and kind,
Loyal, royal Queen.
So, though I’m flattered to tatters
Over the interest in me,
I have to quash it hastily
Due to my unassailable unavailability.
For the Interested Guys:
I’m planning to find
His Highness The King
In a nearby or close-proximity
(Hopefully) buzzing beehive
Of fantastic and wonderful guys.
I now live in Texas,
Though I’d make an exit.
But at the present time,
I need someone present for me.
So distance is a bust,
Flush is a mega-plus,
And each guy must
Also be easy on my eyes.
I’m the queen, and so say I.

I think we can ALL agree
This dude’s gonna be
The luckiest man alive!

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