I’m tired of these rains of salty tears
Caused by allergens in my atmosphere.
Since allergies last the entire year,
Why they’re called “seasonal” isn’t clear.

The stinging spores are always near,
Welling, swelling, and telling,
I fear, of my constant felling
From constant tears.

I can’t get my eye makeup to take,
Shake, bake, or stay
Because it bleeds and flakes
Due to the water my eyes always make.

So thanks for nothing, Allergies!
How you piss off a priss like me!
You take great liberties but show no civility,
Increasing and releasing
Dark shadows doing battle
In all places and spaces on my face;

Usually lovely but “seasonably” ugly
From the super-puffy, very stuffy
Watery, red, and watershed
Eyes I temporarily despise
Because of these constant cries
I can’t defy, deny, or hide,
No matter how hard I try.

I’m stuck with the leaks, peeps,
So if you care about skin, nails, and hair,
Beauty tips, bowed lips, and my clever quips,
Please say a prayer
My face and I are spared,
Not too wizened and pared
Into a raisin
By these godforsaken
Allergies which constantly
And relentlessly torment me!

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