An Expression of Depression

Nothing soothes me,
Nothing grooves me,
Nothing behooves me.

I’m grasping at branches,
Bandaging the stanches,
But I still don’t understand it.

IT being what’s happened to me,
The source of my abject misery,
Which simply isn’t clear to me.

I wish that it would clear for me,
But I don’t expect to see
Life ablaze and bright for me.

I don’t know what is right for me.
I’m trying to rediscover me
Since I lost the crux of me.

I don’t know when I lost it,
Only know it’s a struggle to get
Beyond what I’d like to forget.

I’m so caught up in regret,
Fear it’ll cause my death.
Forgive me, I’m bereft:
Just blame my lame
And sorry mental health.

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