A Whole New Chapter


Who I “Am”

The Jennifers currently live in Little Hades (South Central Texas). However, Numerous Existential Curveballs are currently in the works to stop-startle Entropy’s downward trajectory in their lives. Big Changes on the Horizon, so Expect Big Things from Them❣️

What I “Do

First and foremost: I bleed here. Next: I play here. Simultaneously, I document here. I also explore here. Nothing would delight me more than to hear that any of my bloodletting, contemplations, documentation, and/or explorations connect with any of you in any way.



Another area I want to explore on this blog is Creative Songwriting (yes, I’m aware of the apparent redundancy). It’s an entire project based upon my analysis and interpretation of popular song lyrics and the creation of new lyrics based on pattern reproductions of prior hit lyrics. It looks at the mechanics of syllables and word repetition, as well as a quantification of thematic elements and song type (Anthem, Lament, Tragedy, Warning, Paean, etc etc etc.). I envision ShapeSong as a contest I’d like to start with songwriters- maybe on Subreddits? – where I post the new lyrics, along with clues from the song whose original lyrics generated the pattern I followed for the new lyrics. The goal would be the identification of the original song, the recording artist, and the original release date. I would probably provide the release year along with the new lyrics.

Since this contest would be based on lyrics alone, none of the song’s musical components could or would be duplicated. I would own the copyright to my lyrics (because who would copyright “Story 1, Chorus, Story 2, Chorus, Bridge, Story 3, Chorus, Chorus, 1st Line Repeat”?). I’d be beyond-honored if anyone wanted to explore a collaboration.

So, to provide you with a semi-example, after binge-watching true crime videos and spending a gazillion hours in early-childhood trauma therapy, I wrote my virgin [and rough around the edges] ShapeSong Lyrics. There are two versions called:

A Child Cries, Unheard and


I think these words would give a voice to one of the new victims of Today’s Terrifying Truth: Terrible Predators Exist in the World. They do unspeakable things, but they’ll never have peace because Little Me in Death will haunt them in a way Little Me in Life couldn’t. I get My Power Back and that might be reassuring to my heartbroken family members left behind. The words would also resonate with anyone who’s experienced childhood trauma and/or is trauma-informed. It could even serve as an “Anthem” for some.

The original Lyrics don’t build a chronological story in 3 installments like the current lyrics do; instead, the original lyrics told 3 separate vignettes. Or “3 miniature stories” if you prefer to think of it that way.

If this is the sort of “game” musicians desiring deeper, authentic-yet-relevant lyrics are interested in, please let me know! If it sounds like I’ve been smoking too much weed, let me know that, too.

I don’t think the neigh-sayers will dissuade me, though. I’m pumped and ready to go make a middle-aged ass out of myself on Reddit and TickTwat right now!