You know what happens if you Snooze!


If I’m asked if I’m down for a Quick Snooze with a Prior Snooze,
Here’s the excuse I plan to use:“
‘Wish No Ill Will’ and ‘All the Best,’
But you’re no different from the rest:
You give way too little far too late,

So I prefer to masturbate
Rather than drown in Drowsy Company.
In fact, the Type of Snooze Which Most Impresses Me
Kindly Erases rather than Increases
My Need for Sleep,
Though I’d be lying to myself if I didn’t admit:
A Swift, Quick Snooze
I probably wouldn’t refuse
And could provably use, too.

The Female Perspective: Super Freaky Guys♨️♨️

Thanks for learning me early.


He’s a very special boy
From his Head down to his Gonads;
[Its a very short distance].
He waits for me at backstage
With his guy-friends
In a limousine.

Four’s not a crowd to them, they say.
“Room 714, We’ll be waiting!”
When I get there, they’ve got
Condoms, coke, and candles:
It’s such a freaky scene!

Those boys are very kinky
(They’re VERY super freak),
The kind of boys you read about
In Playgirl Magazine.
I really like to taste them
Every time we meet.

They’re all right, they’re all right:
Those Boys are DIVINE
To Me!

Tales of my Sexual Woes ♨️



I was fun in bed, but what was He?
Boring, soft and VERY quick.
I was energetically
Decked out in full lingerie.
However eventually,
I had to initiate
Contact sexually.

It’s why he was there, after all,
So why’d he never grow some balls?
I didn’t get Dirty Talk Or Pillow Talk,
Exploration, Adoration, or more than a minute of Penetration,
Not to mention a Tingling Sensation!

The Most Amazing Thing of All?
I thought Good Sex was freely bought,
So I gave Him the
Friends-with-Fringe benefit
Which I now doubt!
I also still Regret it all, so
I choose to just Forget it all.

That’s the Way of Lame-Ass Sex,
It builds you up to drop you back,
Where by yourself, you must attack
That pesky yearning for yourself;
I’ve found this Option serves to be,
Better Sex, at least for Me,
Though solely and impersonally.



Even though I speak
Of writing dirty smut,
I hope All know the truth:
I’m not a real-life slut.
However should my readers,
The Reader who is You,
Make a Choice and finally Choose,
Invest the barest Minimum Time,
I’ll take you on the Guided Tour to
Glimpse my glamor-sexy Mind.

Their Relationship!


It accelerated
at an Alarming Rate!

Quick, like that of a
Drunk & Horny
Falling in Lust
with a fellow
Drunk & Horny
at Closing Time
On the Night of Your Choice.

In other words, they hit it off.


Wordplay on Steroids!


I stuff my poems with heavy stuff.
I also stuff them with Big Love.
I stuff them till I’ve said enough.
I like to stuff them with rough love.
Stuff with me with your Lovely Stuff.
It tastes so good, it fills me up.
So why can’t I Just Get Enough?
It’s the Stuff I’m Dreaming of
UnTill I’m fully stuffed enough.
Come stuff me more; come stuff me rough;
Its the stuff; the stuff I love
And Yours the only Stuff I Trust;
The Only One that Spills Me Up.

My First Attempt at Fiction (content advisory: 🌶🔥♨️)


I doubt you’re ever going to meet anyone else like me throughout the entire rest of your life. I’m simply stating a fact. If I could give you some advice, it would be to take whatever I’m offering whenever I’m offering it, because you won’t be getting anything like it ever again.

What is it like?

See, now you’ve gone and blown your chance so you’ll never know. Big unfortunately for you.

I doubt that but if you say so. I’m over here rock hard just imagining what you were going to say. I guess ill have to handle this problem again.

I guess you will. I was going to tell you about my waxing appointment, the post-waxing maintenance, and the “special feature” I opted for. But now I’m not.

What features?

Take your own matters into your own damn hands.

As you wish.

Lagoon again. No conversation. You have a technique for weaseling out of emotional intimacy of any kind. I actually expected the OPPOSITE from you. Then again, based on your online dating profile, I mistakenly thought you were 15 years OLDER than you actually are (lie much?) until two weeks ago. Which pretty much explains the last 2 weeks.

That plus you don’t hurt good enough yet, inside or out. Call me if you ever do.

[Professional Writers: I think I’ve managed to capture the male’s essence, but I REALLY, REALLY need know if the female character sounds like Amber Heard!!]