Red Flags Warn 🚩🚩🚩
Be Advised 🛑
Red Alert 🆘
Red Wine 🍷
Red Alert ☎️
Red Hot 🌶
Red Light District 🚨👠
Red-Handed 🚭
Temptation 👅
Red Devil 👺
In the Red 🟥
Red, White, & Blue 🇺🇸🇹🇭🇬🇧
Blush Red 🌺😊
Red Rose 🥀
Rosé Red 🌹
Red Delicious 🍎
Cherry Red 🍒🍒
Blood Red 🩸
Blood Spatter 🩸🩸🩸
Blood Pump 🫀♥️
Blood Type 🆎🅾️
Stereotype 💄💋
See Red 🔴
See the Light 🚦🚦🚦
Love is Blind 🥰🍫🍿
Blind Leading the Blind q🦮👩‍🦯🧑‍🦯
3 Blind Mice 🐭🐭🐭
Deer Blind ⛩
Red Meat 🥩
Raw Meat 🍣
Blind Rage 😡
Here’s My Advice 🚫
Heat Advisory ♨️🍟
Hot Zone 🔥🦠
Red Rum 🪓
You’ve been warned ⛔️
With Red Flags 🚩🚩🚩


Busted trying to be clever again!


Some folks think in thought bubbles.

Some DAYS my Only Thoughts are Smut Bubbles.

1. Up High (head)?? OR
2. Down Below (down below)??

I’m Un-clued as You,
So I don’t know!

“The Greatest Feeling”

“The Greatest Feeling”

I’ve only felt it Recently, but it occurs when I lose Creation either:

1) fully-formed in my head and forgotten in a nano-blink or
2) a composed and consumed by a cyber-glitch.

The vexation isn’t as biting as it used to be because I know I’ll write an equally good poem – or a better one – the next time I’m inspired to do so.

This is “The Greatest Feeling.”

Buckle Up!

A Rhetorical Question for insurance adjusters everywhere!


Of cars which accident in:
1. parking lots,
2. on streets, and
3. upon highways,

Which car accidents are:
1. Most frequent
2. Most expensive
3. Most fatal?

[Thanks to @markusspiski for his great photos!]

Dedicated to Posts with High Toil-for-Likes Ratios


You amaze.
Count the ways.
Blame and blaze.
Four-night stays.
Latest craze.
Manta rays.
Starry gaze.
Sing and praise.
No one pays.
Lounge and laze.
Barstool plays.
Rear and raise.
Tee Vee trays.
I’ll rephrase:
Corn is maize.
Worry frays.
Morning haze.
Drunken daze.
The last phase.
(For two days)
Then appraise.

Girl needs to learn a veteran can’t first perish in combat!


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Businessman Wanted: Blatant Innuendo ♨️

Is it blatant #innuendo again? Or is it the #delivery that’s so blatant?


One who does business properly; who conducts business properly.
That’s the kind of businessman I’m looking for.
He needs to have a sharp business acumen, not to mention a big one;
As well as be highly-skilled in business skills,
In all matters of getting down to business and conducting business.

The Global “No”

Even though I’m old I’m also told it happens to #metoo


I’d hazard to estimate that when the word “No” issues forth from female lips, 60% of males on the hearing end become angry, entitled, and outraged. Maybe 30% of THOSE make the female pay for it.

But hey, if “they deserve it” or it’s “honor”able, who cares?