Come (Word)Play with Me

I am a woman and my story is too long to summarize here. If you’re the kind of Reader who needs to know something about your Writer, please check out my first blog post: “Where Were You?” At this moment in time (late September, 2021), it serves as my “fight song, ” Strength Statement, and personal anthem.

I enjoy sharing my “truth” through journaling, creative storytelling, essays, and rhyme-central verse, incorporating literary devices for fun when I see fit.

You might enjoy my content if you like an environment where it’s safe to:
•freely share ideas and observations,
•experiment with patterns,
•deliberately provoke,
•explore hypotheticals,
•challenge societal norms,
•describe and analyze personal experiences,
•identify and exploit stereotypes, and
•release pent-up emotional energy.

I’m committed to doing this authentically, and I don’t want to worry about offending someone in the process. I feel uncomfortably exposed when I reveal my inner self on Facebook and other social media platforms, so I’ve turned to WordPress in an attempt to cloak my vulnerability in anonymity. Hopefully the opacity of identifying details will ignite and stoke the flames of creative and free expression for all who visit!!

Please join me. The best adventures are those shared with Fellow Pilgrims.

My sole request: Be kind when visiting my site since I’m a complete newbie at blogging. And a complete work-in-progress on a personal level, too! I don’t want ANYONE to feel censored or personally criticized on my page. The safety and inclusion of any and all visitors is of great importance to me.

Thank You in Advance for the Generosity of Spirit I know You Possess❣️❤️‍🔥❤️

P.S. If you’re a personality theory adherent, I’m an ENFP-T (MBTI), 4/3 (Enneagram)

P.P.S. If you’d like to meet 45-year-old Jennifer, I suggest you frequent her long-ago abandoned – but still regularly visited (by Us) blog. It shines a tiny bit of light on the path We have chosen thus far:

P.P.S.S. (?). I do not have Multiple Personality Non-Disorder. I do, however, believe I share the same HeadSpace with multiple versions of Myself. We’re all intertwined, and it often gets “messy” in said HeadSpace (let’s call it Jennifurrville, what the hell!)

Things can get pretty dramatic in Jennifurrville when 7-Year-Old-Me pulls childish ploys through Now-Me in a vain grab for the reassurance she craves (and can’t seem to get enough of).

I’m not over-dramatizing when I confess this can be cringeworthy to witness from afar or up-close. I spend my Present instigating and watching events unfurl into agonizing slow-motion. My life serves as a Cautionary Tale, and I often feel like a front-row viewer to my own Spectacular Debacles, Lapses in Judgment, and Stratospheric Acts of Self-Sabotage.

Don’t you want to watch, too?

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