Beauty Cheats & Beauty Hacks by a Questionable Queen & an Unquestionable Quack

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who’s the fairest of them all?
I don’t care about YouTube shorts
Or the latest cosmetic craze on TikTok,
I just want to rock
The most effective Botox
And other beauty cheats
So I can beauty-steep and beauty-keep,
As apparently and quite recently,
My beauty’s seen fit to evacuate me.
Now I pay for pricey pain,
A budgetary financial drain,
Just to face my face again
Without the stain of age
Causing what covers my brain
To flail and rage
Before settling on
Dark shadows and shade
Then I do my reluctant duty,
Scraping, scoping, and strategizing
How to spend my looted booty
To grasp and grope
At my fleeting, fast-fleeing beauty,
Placing my faith in the hope
Somewhere lurks a sleeping cutie.