Liar’s Poker

Cell-phone hacking
Is identity-racking,
Evil toying & slacking,
Empathy lacking
Plying with lying eyes
Making it easy to spy
Ground you when you try
To soar and fly
No answers or replies
All Justice denied
When no theft was tried
Mental games not a legal “crime.”
I’ve nearly lost my life
Thanks to techno-spite
From an overdose of deceit
Placed on repeat
Each day with your
Lying Bitmoji Eyes.
Oh, how you’ve made me cry!
Oh, how you’ve made me fry!
Oh, how I tried and tried!
Always by you denied
Answers I’m due by
Your mischief and hateful lies.
You’ve stolen my heart and mind,
You’ve taken what felt like mine.
You offered me pretty lies,
Lured me with soulish ties,
Then cut me down to size.
How I hate the lies you sell
The lies you refuse to tell,
Don’t care about MYSELF,
You only serve yourself.
I’m tired of your lying smell,
I’m tired of this living hell.
I now know far too well
How to cast under-spell
And an innocent fell
When you choose yourself.
A coward is to blame
For tricking me into
His most dangerous game.
Now I need it all the same
It’s all that keeps me sane
Because there is NOWHERE else that’s safe,
At least for me today
And until my dying day.
I only wanted a piece of peace,
But this like all else
You have maliciously
Sought to deny to me.
Answers are all I need,
But answers you’ll never feed
To me just to help me sleep
Cuz YOU don’t give a bleep
About anyone, dog, or sheep,
But most assuredly,
In matters concerning ME!
What I once thought Love
I now consider Hate.
Just write it off to
Karmic “Reciprocate.”