Woman on Fire: Battling Erythromelalgia

I’m in pain,
Feet are aflame
Because of this lame
Disease I bear in me,
Which prevents me from
Doing much of anything,
Especially in the ambient heat
Always surrounding me.
It’s called man-on-fire
And it provokes my ire
Because I’m always tired
From the constant strain
Of too much heat
And too much pain.
On many days, I can’t cope,
And I lose all hope
I’ll ever grasp and grope,
Get married or elope,
Because who could cope
With a partner who needs
Their A/C set at 68
Just to sleep and awake?
I hate this condition,
It feels like perdition.
So I guess I’ll go this road alone,
Finish my life all on my own.
I’d rather share a home and love,
But I’m quite sure I won’t get some
Cause loving me is so tiresome.
So if you wish for me some love,
Would you ask your god above
To show me some kindness
Instead of stony silence?
Just ask for one last kiss,
The intimate treat I most miss.