Speaking More of ME Than You of YOU
Means I Listen NOT to You??!!
Other folks must offer up
Details of the Life they Love,
Describe the Humans they’ve become
And tell us What We Need to Know.

Forgive me that not Coaxing, Cajoling, Extracting
From your Passive Corpse until Removed
Words you Yearn to Vocalize
But UnBravely Do Not Do
A sign NO TALKING SKILLS have You!

Won’t suffer Cowards, fools, or Grownup Toddlers,
So One Day if you should Raise Yourself,
Please reach out and freely call.
Should you Stay so Infantile?
Don’t bother calling Me at all.

(Thanks for the photo, @sociallover_art )


What are the words,
The ones which most
Frequently and
You claim you
Never hear from me?

You bring it up relentlessly,
These withheld words
You swear I keep
Locked away without a key.

Did you ever stop to think
The ones I spoke historically,
Strained of bile and
Aimed to please,
And not uttered Maliciously
When unacknowledged
By You to Me
Left me not so lovingly
Pondering methodically
Which words I’d steal
To hurt you back
Like you hurt me?