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ALL humans are basically:

1. Selfish, and
2. Broken.

To varying degrees, of course. Yet many will go to their graves claiming innocence on all charges.

I’m not sure why. I know it has something to do with the Ego, but Ego doesn’t always suit betterment.

Those breaks let the light in and make us more compassionate to the breaks of others.

I know it’s not one of the Top Sexy Adjectives folks want to use to describe themselves, but I can think of no greater compliment than being called “Compassionate.”

The most beautiful human behaviors are birthed in moments of overwhelming compassion for ourselves and others.

I didn’t put it on my Personal Top 20 Adjectives list because I don’t feel like I’ve “arrived” at true compassion yet.

None of us has an endless supply of it, either. Because it’s so precious, we have to grow it. The only way I’ve seen to grow it is to get real about your breaks.

Something starts to happen afterwards; it starts flowing more naturally and effortlessly.

As far as I’m concerned:
“Broken but Working on It” is the New “Strong.”