My Merry Brand of Courageous Misfits (All Perfect Fits)

I’ve encountered the bravest individuals I’ve ever known in Intensive Outpatient Therapy. I call us all a “Beautiful Band of Courageous Misfits” (because EVERYONE is a “misfit,” but we know it and are getting help for it).

These folks are all sensitive, compassionate, loving, creative, special, unique, and memorable.

They’ve been dealt some terrific blows but they show up in their funky clothes and hairdos, sometimes unable to speak, sometimes full of insight, every day to make peace with themselves and their lives.

I’m proud to know each and every one of them and be one of them. They have forever inspired me and I’m grateful to each and every one.

They have restored my faith in humanity and myself.

Thank you, Human Heroes❣️