My insides are crying
For once they’re not lying
And hiding my fears
Along with the tears
I’ve suppressed and repressed
For nigh on a year.

At first I was happy,
Maybe a little sappy.
But you chose to forsake me,
So I then mistaked me.

I called into question
My whole identity
Which practically breaked me;
And the hope I used to cope
Is now dusted in arrears.

I just want the rush again;
I just want to love again.
But I can’t find no available men
I’m willing to let in.
They treat me like a pawn,
Lead me on,
Call me at dawn,
And just want to spawn.

How can I go on?
Without true passion, I’m thrashin’
With the dread I’ll soon be dead.
So please help me along
And sing a song

I’ll find a guy
Who’s set his gaze, his hazy sight
On only me, the ghost in white.
He would make his home with me
And not feel he’s alone with me.

It would mean a lot to me:
I’ve been deprived of love, you see,
For what feels like eternally.
Now I can’t get enough,
Can’t even find the stuff.
I fear I’ll lose my lust for life,
Replaced instead by spleen or spite.

But my! How I despise a fight!
Why? Because I’m such a light,
Burning, blazing, blaring bright.
I simply need a caring guy
Who only wants to hide each night
By my side, squeeze me tight,
Take delight, and love me right.