The Agony & The Ecstasy

Unspeakable Agony OR
Unspeakable Pleasure ??

Maybe I’m a sequestered bohemian aesthete, but I’ll choose [if given the choice, which is implied] Unspeakable Pleasure every single time.

Some might choose Unspeakable Agony for Curiosity’s sake. I say Curiosity isn’t worth it. Curiosity is in Conspiracy with Agony, trust Me.

There’s nothing pleasurable about Agony, I promise I can assure you (since I know from experience). I used to pay sacrifices to Agony ass when I was a younger woman. I tried and tried and tried, but my shit always turned off the path, no matter which way I pointed it.

That’s when I realized I wouldn’t be able to make it to Agony the usual way, so I started a family for other disenfranchised seekers.

We set out for Agony, but bumped into Ecstasy accidentally.

Now we refuse to leave.