Shine on me

Shine on me

Shine on me
Showcase me
Embrace me
Encase me
Risk your life to save me
Envelop me
Face-to-face me
Fix your gaze on me
Examine me
Taste every bite of me
Skin-on-skin with me
Lay waste to me
Disparagingly disgrace me
Inflame me
Incinerate me to ash
Hide the Remainder
To wear in a vial in your pocket later.

Enmesh me until you
Outer-erase me.
Eat the flesh on me.
Don’t stop until
You’re completely full,
And wanting more.
If you’re hungry
Or thirsty,
I’m always
Here for You.



Even though I speak
Of writing dirty smut,
I hope All know the truth:
I’m not a real-life slut.
However should my readers,
The Reader who is You,
Make a Choice and finally Choose,
Invest the barest Minimum Time,
I’ll take you on the Guided Tour to
Glimpse my glamor-sexy Mind.

I know what you need (just hop on the Smut Train; don’t know how long it’ll last)


I haven’t even done it here,
But I know what you need to hear;
Paint the picture, make it clear,
Draw a World of Scary Fears
Then fight them off and hold you close,
Soothe you back with what you know;
Won’t finish till completely through,
And relieved are the likes of YOU!

I know what you need to hear,
I’ll meet you there; it’s very near.
That ticklish spot within your Ear
Serves as the repository
For your secret whispered story.

Don’t fret that you’ll have to wait,
For I won’t hesitate or even
Slightly delay
In saying What and All
I’m Required to Say
To ensure that that in the end
YOU Feel YOUR Special Way.



My, but how they roll and rock
Long like legs that never stop
The Way in Which your Words Inflame
My mind and heart for blurred-out days
Sugar Treacles honeyed sweet,
Honeyed Words I long to Feed,
Feed to You and Watch you Eat,
Suck and Feed, Grasp and Eat,
Eat those Words right back to Me.

(Thanks for the photo, @miaroseharvey )

My Gaze is Fixed on You

Some like to gaze at stars;
I stare instead at you.
Compared to how you glow,
They sparkle like the moon.

You light my inner darkness;
Your power shines so bright.
You hold the whole night sky
On shoulders blazing tight.

You raise each crimson sun
With arms of strength and trust.
On you I place my faith
You’ll break the dawn from dusk.

You flood me with fresh oxygen,
Exhale my every breath.
My molecules are vivified;
You love me Life from Death.

I’m fully formed when we embrace.
Your beauty’s basking on my face;
All imperfection’s been erased.

Some choose to gaze at stars at night,
But I’m transfixed by You.

(Thanks to @danie_franco for the photo)

The Biggest Apple

Do you ever think of me?
Think of what we used to be?
It’s true our time was very short,
The briefest of carnal cohorts.
Almost thirty years ago,
Yet my mind is always blown
Up, across, and far away,
When I dream upon those days
And reminisce about those nights
In that city filled with lights.
We met by lucky circumstance,
Serendipity, random chance.
You, the older, taught me much.
Your lessons always turned to lust
For I was not a little child.
Fully grown, I’d been defiled.
I had some fantasies to try;
You very graciously complied.
Hot and sweet and rarely sour
Was that summer that was ours.
The Biggest Apple, shined and new,
Was Red Delicious; so were you.

(Thanks @martysanchezz for the photo)

Kiss the Moon

Crush me, bleed me
Push me, need me.
Stake me, feel me
Seek the real me.
Shoot me, shake me
Don’t forsake me.
Scold me, hold me
Want the aging old me.
Tease me, please me
Say you know that I’m not easy.

You’re the prize, the winning goal.
For you I’d sell my very soul;
And should you ever choose to love me,
Kiss the crescent moon above me.

Was It Good For You?

I invite you to my lair
Which isn’t even fair

I have the home advantage
Exactly as I planned it

This is how
Mere hours from now

You’ll be mine
Limbs intertwined

Sweat to prove
The way we grooved

Drunk with me
You won’t see

You’ve been seduced
Completely used

Was it good for you?
‘Cuz it was for me

(Thanks for use of the photo,

The Gilded Cage

(Thanks @samule.sun for your photo)

The Gilded Cage

In my heart,
Where it all starts,
I’ll build a cage for you;
Bring you wine and food.
I’ll tend your every need,
Patch you when you bleed.

Trapped within my mind,
You won’t leave me behind.
I’ll write new dreams for us:
They will be glorious!
So much that we will do,
Adventures shared by two.

The endless games we’ll play
Ensure you’ll always stay
And won’t attempt escape.

Your prison’s gold and gilded-
I know because I built it-
With locks that can’t be breached.

My long and crushing reach
Will tether you to me
For all eternity.

Break out that winning smile:
You’ll be with me a while.


No one knows the truth
Or even has a clue
That I have been with you

One night is all we shared
Your fingers with great care
Streamed through my golden hair

You loosed your vocal chords
And whispered I was yours
Breathless on your floor

You knew just where to touch
How hard and just how much
We grasped and sighed and clutched

As passion grew and rose
And saw me through its throes
I lost sight of my woes

Yet still nobody knows

Building a Fire

I want you
to want me
with a feral ferocity.

I have already captured your fascination. I’m a fixture in your fantasies.

Full of fervor, you already feel me inside you.

You wonder if I could relieve you of the relentless, arid flatness that desiccates you.

I could.

But I fight fire with fire.


When we are one,
spark will mate with oxygen,
birthing fire.

My baby tendrils of blaze will lick you into a frenzy,
while our fresh, fecund flame
fuels, feeds, and feasts at
the greedy, unquenchable mouth
leading to the earth’s core.

Come Inside

I want you to knock on my private door.
When I answer, I want you to come inside.
Let me welcome you into my body, my life.
I want you to invite me for dinner.
I want you to eat me alive.
I want you to kiss me and give me a delicious surprise.
I want to embrace all of you.
I want to give you all I have to give.
I want your heart to meet mine in the place that it lives.

2011, REPOST

A Freak in the Sheets and a Lady in the Streets

Oh, I may look like a Republican senator’s wife. I’ll grant you that.

But appearances can be deceiving, can’t they?

Yes, it’s true: I’m a tall, skinny white chick.

But I’m a FREAK. In the absolute Best Way Possible.

Most men are intimidated and terrified by a Sexually Adventurous Woman. Well, I’m the version of that woman who will send you running for your life, in a raining puddle of little boy tears, frantically searching for your mama.

I can even BE your mama if you want or need me to.

I can be your teacher. I can be your student. I can be the blonde cheerleader you never got to sleep with but used to jerk off thinking about. I can be the fucking blue-haired organist at your Southern Baptist church.

I’ll call you Daddy and let you call me by the name of your teenaged daughter’s best friend.

(Tammy, am I right?)

And we haven’t even started on my bucket list of fantasies yet.

I wonder…

I wonder 
if you're a hairless wonder
or underneath a hairy guy?

I wonder
at your sweetness
on the menu of a cafe?

Will you be cold,
kind or bold,
when you meet me halfway?

I wonder
If I'll blunder
and start to cry?

I wonder
if you‘ll plunder
my depths and make me sigh?

I wonder
of the rhythm that beats in your chest.
Will it pound until dawn
or be calm,
absorbing me with zest?

I wonder
about your lips:
will they be wet
as you kiss my fingertips?

I wonder at those lines,
so tiny on your face.
Will I caress each one
In a digital embrace?

I wonder
if your shoulders will lift
the heavy weight that surrounds me?
And if Ease will finally find me
once you loose the cares around me?

Then I ask myself:
will YOU be the one to
melt the ice from my heart,
long frozen into place?

Lavish & Ravish Me (2019)

Pour out your heart and with it do lavish
Your love onto me, and my body please ravish.

The strength of your presence, it beckons me close;
Banishing fear that leaves me exposed.

Yet with you my exposure is no cause for shame:
I feel full of beauty when you breathe my name.

The confidence you engender calls out to my heart,
And tells me it’s fine that I don’t want to part.

Instead, what I want is to grow a great union
Of mind, soul, and spirit in True Cosmic Fusion.

No longer searching for places to hide,
As all that I am warms to beckon you inside.

Again and Again and Again. Forever.

For “Alonzo”

I have another idea. I know the current situation with the parents isn’t ideal, but you know that’s temporary. So consider:

What do we need, like 15 minutes, 10? Seriously, I think we can safely say we only need 12 minutes total for this.

I will start to mention to my elderly mother and stepfather that I am “seeing ants again.” I’ll mention it a couple of times max.

My Poor Mother’s OCD will be so activated by this alarming news that she will immediately want to call an exterminator. I will tell her I’ll take care of the details.

In the meantime, you go to Home Depot and buy one of those hose apparatuses (apparatusi?) that you use when you have to put Round Up on the weeds.

We set the date and you show up with the Round Up thingy and a dark polo shirt (preferably one with someone’s name on it if possible) and a pair of khakis. Your name can be “Jose.”

You’ll discover an area of intense concern in my bedroom. You’ll say the ant hive is located immediately beneath the flooring just over the door jam in my bedroom. So you’ll have to shut the door for at least 20 minutes, certainly no less (always under-promise and over-deliver).

I’ll claim to be so violently ill that I couldn’t possibly leave the bedroom that long in my current state. And that if Jose is okay with ME and his chemicals aren’t going to kill me, then he can stay and we can just go ahead and close the door.

Both of them are partially-to-completely deaf, especially my OCD mother, which is a mercy for us.

At that point, we have 10-15 minutes to “get rid of some ants.”

You just have to promise to TRY to keep it down. My mother could potentially feel the vibrations and begin collecting trash bags throughout the house, as is her preferred process when having one of her OCD “attacks.” And she’s particularly worried about the trash in my room, what with the ants and all.

But still: what a deal, right? Fifteen minutes of PURE ME for all of $29.99. I’m pretty sure that’s the best damn special Home Depot’s EVER had!