Maybe Life Isn’t Over

If I take the right pill,
Maybe I won’t miss the lunar eclipse
And write again?
Maybe the world
And my world
Aren’t at an end
Just because,
Even with wide-open eyes,
I missed today’s sunrise.

At least I tried.
Maybe Tuesday at 4am,
I’ll take the right pill
And see the most powerful
Version of the Lunar Eclipse
By the passing shadow of the earth?

Maybe then I’ll pull myself out of the dearth
Of my early morning words,
Feel and know the worth
Of starting over again.

If I take the write pill,
The world won’t end
And I’ll be fulfilled
As words rush back in;
They’re my most devoted friends.

And I’d hate it if the Earth
Had to go through a dearth
Of light because I died,
Because believe me:
If I died,
Mother Nature would drop to her knees and cry,