Photo courtesy of Maria Stromberger, an Austrian Nurse


Don’t know how to say
What I need to say
In a charming way,
So I must rely
On an alarming way:
One Adolph Hitler
Was a Humanity Killer,
An Insanity Spiller,
Though some called him Charismatic,
I don’t buy it and I’ve had it
With folks who think him to be so.
They still believe
The Holocaust was conceived,
Photo-shopped, people bloodied like props,
Then ripped into shreds,
Dropped seamlessly and easily
Like celebrity op-Eds.

They’ve been over-fed
Too many lies during a short time;
So I choose to opine
They’ve chosen fiction over facts,
Their hearts frozen against
Real accounts and real attacks.
Their credibility has been hacked,
And they don’t want it back.
They’d rather refute
The vile and violent things
Hitler chose to do
To his profuse, diffuse underlings,
Costing them every bit of Everything.

The Holocaust also accosted
Regular folks and regular blokes,
Who were stoked, poked, and then smoked.
Where’s the heroism in such thorough villainism?
And where’s any virtue if I hurt you,
Burn you, spurn you, and turn you
Into a species less than feces?

It’s beyond indecent and relatively recent,
So it boggles my mind
ANYONE can find
ANYTHING virtuous
Adolph Hitler’s mind!
Can’t scrounge a token of mental health
In one so broken, he demanding the deaths
Of multitudes of more virtuous,
More deserving Other Selves.

All his victims went through hell,
And sadly, most of them were also felled.
For those who someway somehow survived,
How could they ever be fully revitalized
After losing so many loved ones’ lives?
I’m so glad Hitler’s no longer alive!

After causing prolonged agonies
With ruthless spite, the only shite
I’m willing to spill
Is that I wish
I’D been the one to kill
Hitler before Life was spilled.
It’s this reprobate hate
Towards normal humans
Which ALWAYS leaves me
Steaming and fuming!!
So forgive I can’t forget,
I can only historically regret
His evil carnage and cruel bloodshed.