Today’s Play-by-Play in The World’s “Most Dangerous Game“

I went to the doctor to offer my pee.
I shouldn’t have bothered him or me,
Since my slot’s not scheduled for today
Or any other day.
It’s 11:46,
And I’m feeling scary sick.
I can’t get up to any nasty
Or distracting kicks
To forget my current licks.
I need some love, I need some care;
I’ve already fixed my hair and nails.
To my mothers house, like a louse
I long to bail,
Though she loves me more than any male.
So why would I rather get in sin
With other men
To forget the sorry shape I’m in?
Because the one who left me in this sorry state
Won’t speak nor show his grubby face.
I guess he felt not love but hate,
Since he never did reciprocate.
I think I could keep my dreams alive
If I could find a bum to hide behind
And, finally Jesus, beg and pray,
Fill The Wretched Joker’s place.