INTENSIVE THERAPY: I’ve Been to Cell & Back When Smartphone Was Hacked

Intensive Therapy

I’ll will need intensive therapy
To undo what you’ve done to me,
I’ve had my cell phone hacked,
Was ignored by a hack,
Was driven mad by a sad sack
Who brought on a confusion attack,
Which manifested a delusion:
No illusion, it’s a fact,
I was so denied clarifying replies,
I was driven intentionally crazy:
Too much refuse and confuse made it
True and not an act,
So my mom thought I had cracked
And pleaded for me to see a quack,
Just to recover my sanity back.
But I’m isolated and detached,
I’ve fallen off the track,
And I don’t know how to get back.
Why? I still don’t know jack
About the guy who hacked my phone,
Hacked my mind and
All I’ve ever known,
Adoring me then ignoring me,
Dropping me swiftly and quickly,
It made me very sickly.
He introduced me to a profuse
Endless series of miseries,
Bitter weeds from evils seeds
He “kindly” left behind
And found the time to sew for me,
Growing animosity and
Terrors I’ve have never known
From the comfort of my home,
Unfolding on my own iPhone.