THE HELLO KITTY MURDER: Remembering Fan Man-Yee

They said you were nobody; we say you’re the Biggest Somebody Ever


I’ve been hearing true stories of crime for many years and long times, and this case raises and enrages more tears and fears than most others.

If I had my druthers, I’d say it bothers me and collars me HOT because of the Punch-in-the-Gutter Terror that Gutted, Tore Her, and refused to STOP.

And remember: Fan Man-Yee was young, not even remotely old (like me, you see). Yet her equally-young, highly-strung murderers were bone-cold; they stole her dignity and life, but no sleep when deleting and feasting on her agonized, terrified soul.

This hate whisks me to my can as fast as I possibly can to regurgitate each moment I contemplate such rageful acts of violence. Why? Because Pain for Pain’s sake makes no sense and makes me sick with slick bloodshed fed for kicks and disgusting tricks.

It forces in me a physical rise: I want to scream, cry, horizon-drive, forever hide, close my ears, squeeze tightly my eyes, and set myself apart from Humanity’s Reckless Indecency.

Yet similar reactions prove tear duct action requires a Heart, and that’s why it stings, scares, and smarts to see Evil lurking in plain sight.

It’s Everywhere to the left and All Places to the right, occupying humans whose intentions seem clear, even dear; who often appear moralistic, nice and kind.

But that’s just a lie seen Outside; they’re sadistic, narcissistic, vile, and corrosively bile Inside.

Sadly, Heads are Home to Plans Hatched to attack and kill. It’s credibly tragic, not incredibly magic, that The Mind is the Moral Pigsty where Hideous, Putrid, Hate-Deriving and Goodness-Deriding NASTY INSECTS play, toy, and coarsely, coyly thrive.

The only worse scenario I’d lay claim to foreshadow? When Evil seeks, locates, and finds Highly Evil and Like Minds. They assist, don’t desist, the depraved wretch and “unfazed-enough-to-never retch” barely-human Slime called Evil with his crimes.