How I Wish Emo Was A Fish!


Hello! It’s your favorite Indecently Clothed Adult Bird, walking down Poppy Street before heading left onto Sesame.

I dislike my furry neighbors very much, but I have to talk to every one on this godforsaken sesame-seedy street.

Why? I’m searching to and fro, here and there, backwards and forwards. “Doing what?“ you ask.

Well, I’m highly irritated, but I’m

Searching for Emo. AGAIN. Interrogating every single creature, puppet, and muppet I’ve known for decades.

Personally, I DESPISE that brat Emo, but I’d tell your face to “Quit It!” before I’D EVER admit it!

I’m even talking to that Snot-nosed Snufflemonster (who’s always been a personal favorite) and grooving and gabbing with Grover, the 2-Leaf-Clover – as in MISSING 2 LEAVES – that furry, relatable, “within arm’s reach” creatch everyone has always RELATED TO so much. He’s overrated because as an actor, he sucks. He emotes like a spoke and speaks like a flea.

And to be fair, and I squarely swear I’m fair, I AM The Show’s PRIMARY CHARACTER, after all, and have been adored for SCORES. But I never get ANY respect!! Of course not! It’s the Diaper. I’ve discussed it with producers but the discussions are fruitless because…

We keep argumental scores. FOUR scores and 7 years to be exact and precise, though not necessarily concise.

Can’t you see The Problems on the Street? This happens with the sesame seeds, nut jobs, and other entities I’ve had to mix with Enmity in this closed, claustrophobically-close proximity. It’s lasted an Eternity; I know that you don’t pity me, but could you at least pretty me or do frigging ANYTHING to Getty ME out of HERE?

I guess it’s ok if you can’t; at least Emo has FINALLY JUST been found, so we can call off the hounds, then look down upon the ground.

At least that’s where that Wretched dirty Monster’s cookie crumbs are always found.

The Red Pill or The Blue?


Which pill do you choose,
The red or the blue?
I’m sorry to inform you
of the perilous choice
You made with your voice;
Your selected colorful option
Is the most highly potent
And dangerously lethal concoction,
So welcome to Eternal Sleep.
Please don’t make a single
Little Bo Peep,
For now, forever, and fornever,
Sad and sleepy you.

For the record, Little One,
I tried to warn but you scoffed and scorned
When I advised you not temporize
And simply choose The Blue.

The Final Word on Kaiser, or So I Zê

What a waste of talent!


Kaiser Sozê gets away
With too many Crimes
WAY too many times,
Recrafting them as ‘Illusion’,
And Convincing HIMSELF
Of his Own Delusion.

The Terrible Reign of Kaiser Sozé
Was the most Authentic Role
Kevin Spacey ever played.
The only smile to Grace his Face
Is Placed There, or so he claims,
By his ‘Method Acting Game,’
But I think it’s his
Only Way To inexcusably
Distract and Dissuade.

According his victims,
His motives have ALWAYS been
Highly and Unusually Suspect.

The Good News,
My Dearest Friends,
Is WE All Know it’s
Truth Who Triumphs in The End.

Daniel Day-Lewis and Other Writers

I want to ask a question of The Writers here on WordPress. I don’t qualify as one because I only play one on TV, and even that’s just over on my own YouTube Channel with only 15 concrete [but who knows how many potential and therefore relentlessly harassed!] subscribers. (?)

So my question is this (and I already know you’re going to catch me in multiple “grammar fails” throughout the duration of this, so I’m just gonna save us both some time by going ahead and copping to it):

When YOU write, do you prefer the dark to the light, the pain to the joy, the HEAVY to the LIGHT-AS-A-FEATHER? Because it all comes down to just being human, doesn’t it?

And what’s our alternative to THAT, even with all the “slings and arrows” that come with said territory? We can’t become dolphins, after all. And honestly we probably wouldn’t want to: it’s terrible what happens to them when they get tangled up in nets and the next thing they know, they’re all cut up and part of your tunafish sandwich. So think about that for 1 or 2 seconds!


Anyway, I ask all of this of you because lately – and at a not-young age – I’ve noticed that ditching my feelings of shame and [reasonable? unreasonable?] guilt by writing about them on my blog has led to some strange feelings of nearly-unbearable lightness.

In fact, for my younger writers, there’s actually a movie about that very same topic from the early ‘90s featuring a SMOKING HOT 🔥 Daniel-Day Lewis. His name is Tomás in the movie, and he WILL try your patience, I can assure you!

I’ve never really understood what the movie’s about, though. And I’ve even read the book predating the movie by Milan Kundera. A couple of hundred of times!

I think it’s about LIFE getting so bad for the characters that they become “lite” as a way to cope. Or that everyone responds that way when they’re exposed to seemingly-unsurvivable suffering. Like I said: I honestly can’t remember! I was probably just looking at Daniel Day-Lewis, anyway. 🤷🏼‍♀️

So anyway, my point is I don’t know what Your Muse looks like. As for me and Mine, we kind of feel like we’ve [maybe? possibly? hopefully? please?] just finished 15-20 years of all that pain. And all that “seemingly-unsurvivable suffering”. All the time, or as I’m fond of saying: 25/8/9,162.

So I just kind of feel like it’s finally my time to be Lite in all Matters of Mind, Body, Heart, Soul, and Spirit.

And I’m having so much fun I can hardly stand it❣️ There’s something very inspirational in The Unbearable Lightness of Being.