VAMPIRES: Video, Audio, Photo, Print

Trying Fancy


You are dead and fully retired
To me; you must not know,
Persisting as a vampire.

You came on very, very hot,
But you’re NOT.
You drained me of my energy
And leeched my blood from me
When I was in need of food;
Would’ve gladly offered YOU my blood.

I no longer see your reflection,
Its so grimy with deception.
There’s clearly something wrong with you:
The most confounding and astounding
Person that I never knew.
If I hadn’t seen your face,
I’d be certain that you’re fake.

You were a giant waste of time
And the pleasure wasn’t MINE.
You Immature moronic fool,
Why’d I waste a nanosecond on you?
The most passive person under the sun;
The lengths you’ll go are slim-to-none.

And though I know you personally,
You were never there for me;
No active participant,
Just an active follower.
These passive “likes” grow hollower & hollower,
Such empty gestures make me scoff;
Why not just cut them off?!!

You didn’t do a single thing for me,
So If within the throes of misery
Or the throes of reverie,
Go ahead and Forget about me,
Cuz I’ve forgotten about you.

And next time, maybe grow some cojones,
Barely shadowed, Empty Phony.