Could We… ?

Could we consider
cutting away
these lived layers
that distance us?

Could we erase
the confines of convention,
societal standards, and
ridiculous rules?

Could we strip through
our pretty painted masks
to uncover
the savages
lurking beneath?

Could we forsake,
this once,
carefully crafted illusion
for the pocked, marked truth?

I ask because my heart aches to meet you in The Sacred Place.

finally free,
finally clean,
I would offer
my scarred ugliness
and my most unadulterated beauty
to you.

Just you,
Only you.
For ever.

These Lazy Days

About we lie and laugh and laze
In these hot and hazy lust-filled days.

Counting clouds and admiring with kisses,
We soar to a time back where nobody missed us

To relive and rehearse the love scenes we’re writing:
A world built for two, one with no cause for hiding.

Facing each other, you reach for my hand,
Calling me by pet names only you understand.

And in that moment, a bond’s made and sealed,
An eternal promise good as long as we feel

The quivering and quaking which animates our “Now.”
Surely as sacred as a vocalized vow?

(Retooled, Revised, Rewritten, and Reposted)

Photo credit: Jennie Clavel. Thank you!

My Gaze is Fixed on You

Some like to gaze at stars;
I stare instead at you.
Compared to how you glow,
They sparkle like the moon.

You light my inner darkness;
Your power shines so bright.
You hold the whole night sky
On shoulders blazing tight.

You raise each crimson sun
With arms of strength and trust.
On you I place my faith
You’ll break the dawn from dusk.

You flood me with fresh oxygen,
Exhale my every breath.
My molecules are vivified;
You love me Life from Death.

I’m fully formed when we embrace.
Your beauty’s basking on my face;
All imperfection’s been erased.

Some choose to gaze at stars at night,
But I’m transfixed by You.

(Thanks to @danie_franco for the photo)

The Biggest Apple

Do you ever think of me?
Think of what we used to be?
It’s true our time was very short,
The briefest of carnal cohorts.
Almost thirty years ago,
Yet my mind is always blown
Up, across, and far away,
When I dream upon those days
And reminisce about those nights
In that city filled with lights.
We met by lucky circumstance,
Serendipity, random chance.
You, the older, taught me much.
Your lessons always turned to lust
For I was not a little child.
Fully grown, I’d been defiled.
I had some fantasies to try;
You very graciously complied.
Hot and sweet and rarely sour
Was that summer that was ours.
The Biggest Apple, shined and new,
Was Red Delicious; so were you.

(Thanks @martysanchezz for the photo)

Kiss the Moon

Crush me, bleed me
Push me, need me.
Stake me, feel me
Seek the real me.
Shoot me, shake me
Don’t forsake me.
Scold me, hold me
Want the aging old me.
Tease me, please me
Say you know that I’m not easy.

You’re the prize, the winning goal.
For you I’d sell my very soul;
And should you ever choose to love me,
Kiss the crescent moon above me.

Was It Good For You?

I invite you to my lair
Which isn’t even fair

I have the home advantage
Exactly as I planned it

This is how
Mere hours from now

You’ll be mine
Limbs intertwined

Sweat to prove
The way we grooved

Drunk with me
You won’t see

You’ve been seduced
Completely used

Was it good for you?
‘Cuz it was for me

(Thanks for use of the photo,

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Thanks for taking time to read
The stories which reside in me
Poetry provides a stage
Where fact and fiction dance and play
Light is gorgeous
Darkness, too
As are color’s vivid hues
I often write in scarlet red
To exorcise thoughts in my head
I feel exposed but still I share
Craft my phrases with great care
Sometimes the words are birthed in tears
Unveiling, hurting, rousing fear
Coughed up razors make me bleed
But once released, I feel so free

The Gilded Cage

(Thanks @samule.sun for your photo)

The Gilded Cage

In my heart,
Where it all starts,
I’ll build a cage for you;
Bring you wine and food.
I’ll tend your every need,
Patch you when you bleed.

Trapped within my mind,
You won’t leave me behind.
I’ll write new dreams for us:
They will be glorious!
So much that we will do,
Adventures shared by two.

The endless games we’ll play
Ensure you’ll always stay
And won’t attempt escape.

Your prison’s gold and gilded-
I know because I built it-
With locks that can’t be breached.

My long and crushing reach
Will tether you to me
For all eternity.

Break out that winning smile:
You’ll be with me a while.

With The Back of My Hand:

Or, “A Hannibal Kind of Lust”


I love you so much that

I’d like to Eat You Alive.

And then wipe your blood off of my mouth

with the back of my hand

that still has

chunks of your hair and scalp

threaded through my fingers.

And later,

after I burp up your digestive juices,

I’ll sleep more soundly

than I ever have before.


Photo credit: Catalin Pop. Thank you!

Lavish & Ravish Me (2019)

Pour out your heart and with it do lavish
Your love onto me, and my body please ravish.

The strength of your presence, it beckons me close;
Banishing fear that leaves me exposed.

Yet with you my exposure is no cause for shame:
I feel full of beauty when you breathe my name.

The confidence you engender calls out to my heart,
And tells me it’s fine that I don’t want to part.

Instead, what I want is to grow a great union
Of mind, soul, and spirit in True Cosmic Fusion.

No longer searching for places to hide,
As all that I am warms to beckon you inside.

Again and Again and Again. Forever.

I Felt Alight

I felt alight,
I felt aglow,
When I began to learn and know

The inner You
You chose to share;
I held it with the utmost care.

You opened up
And shared your pain
Underneath the falling rain.

You didn’t lie;
You didn’t hide
The truest You that lives inside.

It proved you brave:
It proved you strong.
And made me feel like I belonged

Inside your space.
Inside that world,
You made me feel all shades of girl.

We told the truth.
We told our tales.
And unlike Bill, we both inhaled.

My stomach growled -
You made me food.
It took a while but it was good!

We played some tunes,
We watched some flicks.
You opened up ‘bout other chicks.

Spilling all
Required real guts.
It helped explain your “ifs” and “buts”:

The things that hurt,
That cause you grief,
The things that make you seek relief.

Sometimes I think
You might shut down
And burn this thing straight to the ground.

I hope I’m wrong,
I hope you see
We have a special chem-i-stry.

I’d like to try
My very best
To learn what burns beneath your chest.

It’s worth a chance
Be free and dance
To give no mind
And leave behind
The awful shame
From years of blame.

I’d toil and sweat and run the race.
I’d even risk my comfort space
To free my truth, long stuck in place
And lie beside you face to face.

May, 2021