FOR THE “PURE WRITERS:” Why I Happen to Like My Pure Videos

Why I like My Snapchat Videos:
They Showcase a Lifetime of Experience

According to my acquired belief system, these videos possess many virtues and capitalize on a Lifetime’s Wealth of Experience.

Their virtue begins prior to my birth with The Invention of The Photograph and the Resultant Cliché that “A picture speaks a thousand words.”

They’re able to make beauty from the ashes of my many Wasted Years as a Wife AND in Chemistry and Algebra to Fail to Recognize a formula for success, even if it equates!

Regardless of my track record, I feel in my gut these videos marry the Dramatic Flair I FIRST began at the onset of puberty with my Ability to Phrase My Words Poetically…

Honed during my years as a writer to Think Poetically In The First Place!

The end result should be POTENT DRAMA, wryly age-fermented into one self-effacing, surprisingly-impactful, socially-irresponsible yet hopefully still-entertaining multimedia of a cyberbyte.

When that inevitably fails like all my prior marriages, I find myself paying a premium to My IPhone Memory Plan, resorting to my inherent Gift of Gab, videotaping 100% of Everything I blab about for hours, rely on my Natural Aesthetic to Recognize The 1% that’s salvageable, and ultimately return to my aptly-titled B.S. degree in Radio-TV-Film to Edit The Useless Footage Down, hopefully quasi-coherently.

Of course, I never forget to swing by my long-term, prestigious highschool-memory banks to Cleverly Spin and Repackage this mere fraction of useless chatter about Everything into “Much Ado About Nothing.”

I hope you find them entertaining, too. Frankly, they’re easier to make than the poems, and I’d appreciate the harmless self-promotion.



Nowadays, young people “start growing their social media presence” instead of preparing to get into, attend, and graduate from college.

Is it tragic or smart?
It’s tragic but smart.
It’s tragic AND smart.

Life is played in multiple stages of Reality nowadays.



This Rule proves true about 80% of the time for me:

If a person is truly innocent, the Truth sets them free.

For The Guilty, the Truth turns them into Liars (if they weren’t already; which they most certainly were).



Shadows Boomerang in the heavily-shaded absorbed silence of unglamorous Self-Reflection while simultaneously bouncing in shades of The High Echo of a reverberated-while simultaneously-shining dulcet patina of an authentic “BON VOYAGE! I can’t WAIT to see you again!”

A Great Face is Hard to Fake

No amount of time
Can stake a claim,
Claim to waste,
Or attempt to erase
A truly great,
Greatly True face.

To even acquire One
Requires EXTRA time
To build and bake,
Then disgrace
Into The Greatest
Of All Faces.

It’s The Last Act
That’s halfway Gracious,
So Accept it,
Don’t disdain it, and

Shine for the Sake of
ALL That’s Beautiful
Inside AND Outside of
Impossibly Gorgeously
Beautiful You.

Don’t worry, I’ll gladly
Shine with you; will YOU
Be Chance-of-Shining
With US TWO, too?

The latest and greatest of
Good News globally for you is:

“You no longer have to await
The Sun’s Return
Before allowing
Your OWN baby rays
To blaze reflectly through.”

Even a shadowy glimpse of my skeleton’s bared-toothy grin darkly deflected back at me in the middle of the night has glared me into a terrified, startled response.

The Salt From Tears


Tears are important, too.

When I travel down a deep dark tunnel into a fathomless black hole of despair, I rely on my tears to remind me
I’m still a soul,
sitting in a body,
feeling sad right now.

Tears anchor and tether me; both are equally salvationary.



I thought jokes were only ever
Thought, Written, Told, or Spoken
By an Individual-Sized Person,
One accountable for its own voice.

However, Politicians have taught us
We don’t have to Make A Choice!
All of these things can occur in unison,
As well as simultaneously,
More “cacophonous” than “sonorous” or “harmonious”,
If You ask Me, or
According to the Notes I read.
I don’t know,
YOU tell ME:
Do they also sound
Too Stale to Sail
From YOUR Slide on
This Slippery Scale?

Or Perhaps the Work of Stephen King?

Or Perhaps the Work of Stephen King?

This is what happens when you
“Do Poems All Day;”
You come up with Snappy Titles
Which say Your Poem in a different way,
Often removing its jumpy taste
And baking a Better Poem in the end.
THEN, The Poem Mix upon which I depend
Ends up Baking a Better Poem in the end,
And once a Better Poem Mix is found,
And A Better Poem is made,
THIS will be The New Poem Mix
I will choice to bake.

Urban Dwelling

Says the girl world NEVER abide in the country!

Urban Dwellings & Stuffings

Warrens of Lapin-ity,
Cosms of Urbanity
Sources of Insanity

But No
Dwellings for Humanity

Exchanging Letters

Yes I know A, B, and C,
But with a little L, S, and D,
As well as pride in Patrimony,
We could Imagine Things Differently
By changing the colors and shapes

Of U, S, and A.

Yes I know A, B, and C,
But with a little L, S, and D,
As well as Pride in Patrimony,
We could Imagine Things Differently,
By changing the colors and shapes
Of U, S, and A.