These Lazy Days

About we lie and laugh and laze
In these hot and hazy lust-filled days
Counting clouds amongst temperatures rising
A world of us two, and from others are hiding
Sharing personal jokes only we understand
Facing each other, you reach for my hand
And in that moment, a bond’s made and sealed
A secret pact for as long as we feel
These majestic moments that make up the “now”:
Which are as sure and as sacred as a vocalized vow.


I Felt Alight

I felt alight,
I felt aglow,
When I began to learn and know

The inner You
You chose to share;
I held it with the utmost care.

You opened up
And shared your pain
Underneath the falling rain.

You didn’t lie;
You didn’t hide
The truest You that lives inside.

It proved you brave:
It proved you strong.
And made me feel like I belonged

Inside your space.
Inside that world,
You made me feel all shades of girl.

We told the truth.
We told our tales.
And unlike Bill, we both inhaled.

My stomach growled -
You made me food.
It took a while but it was good!

We played some tunes,
We watched some flicks.
You opened up ‘bout other chicks.

Spilling all
Required real guts.
It helped explain your “ifs” and “buts”:

The things that hurt,
That cause you grief,
The things that make you seek relief.

Sometimes I think
You might shut down
And burn this thing straight to the ground.

I hope I’m wrong,
I hope you see
We have a special chem-i-stry.

I’d like to try
My very best
To learn what burns beneath your chest.

It’s worth a chance
Be free and dance
To give no mind
And leave behind
The awful shame
From years of blame.

I’d toil and sweat and run the race.
I’d even risk my comfort space
To free my truth, long stuck in place
And lie beside you face to face.

May, 2021

Spurs Finals Playoffs, 2013

I rhymes when we win,
I rhymes when we lose.
Even when the latter makes me sing the blues.
I'd love to call last night's Spurs astounding,
Instead they bungled and took a pounding.
They showed moments of finesse, this much is true,
But they belonged to Tony Parker and not to Manu.
Green seemed unsure of his amazing talent,
Relying on Sir Patty for the spirited balance.
Against the Heat, ignited and aflame,
Tepid was our team and torpid was their game.
Where went the victors who slayed Tuesday night?
Felled by their rivals, they gave up the fight.
Yet we mustn’t forget that we're still in "Our House",
So let Mr. James think us fierce as a mouse.
'Cause there's a truth 'bout our Spurs that no one can deny:
They will rise from the rubble and will stup-e-fy
Contenders who dismiss us as already beat.
So here is a warning for Team Haughty Heat:
Watch out for yourselves as you strut and you boast,
You may have burned bright, but you'll soon be TOAST!

I Said I’d Write a Poem Today

I said I’d write a poem today. 
I guess I can no longer play.
Indulging every inspiration,
It’s time to switch to motivation.
Sadly, this quality is clearly lacking;
My intentions felled by aimless slacking.
Such are the limits of my heat condition,
That staying cool trumps true ambition
To embrace the heat and work today
Or even to get out and play.
This is the why I smoke Mary Jay:
It improves my life in a discernible way,
By stirring up my creative gifts
So I can go write shit like this.

Little Souls

When I was a girl I wanted to play house.
I thought of the day I’d be mother and spouse.
I’d picked out the names of my children with care.
I had it all planned out and no detail was spared.
So I must admit it was a surprise
When I hit my 30s with no eligible guys.
Then I came across Jeff at aged thirty-three,
I was sure he was the one God had chosen for me.
He came as a package with three very young daughters
I loved them at once; I soon was besotted.
The reverse situation however was tough:
They liked me somewhat, they liked me enough
But their passion for their mom trumped any feeling
Towards me and always left my heart a’reeling.
The only situation that I could see
Was to add my own baby to this family.
So this became our Priority Number One,
And oh, how I wanted to give Jeff a son!
Learning each time that I was with child
Gave me great joy and an indelible smile.
But even though God said to multiply
Each baby in Me was unable to survive.
I lost my three babies before they developed.
The grief of their leaving completely enveloped
Me, so broken, so full of despair:
I carried a burden that Jeff didn’t share.
We moved to high-tech, it was fully insured.
Needles, injections, and hormones to endure.
And “beautiful embryos” all said that we made.
The problem, again, they weren’t able to stay.
My womb I was sure was completely defective,
We then found ourselves a conception detective.
Four surgeries I underwent to improve
Our chances of adding to the Wilson Brood.
At this point in time I thought of all options.
I seriously thought our hopes lay in adoption.
With sadness I learned Jeff rejected this way:
“It costs too much money,” is all he would say.
This final misfortune - it caused me to break;
Deep down inside me lived constant heartache.
Then cancer thrust nail through the motherhood coffin,
Forcing me to give up what I’d wished for so often.
The dream I had nurtured above any other:
The dream that one day I’d be somebody’s mother.